Introducing Chelsea, Our Community Specialist

Hey there! I’m Chelsea, your local Community Specialist! Let me take some time to share some things about myself.

How long have you worked for Ring? Since April of 2019.

Preferred Ring device? While I love all of our products, I have to say that the Indoor Cam is great because I can keep tabs on my fur babies when I’m away from home. In addition, the Ring Alarm helps me feel safe and secure when I’m away from home, knowing that I have professional monitoring over my house when I’m gone.

What are three fun facts about you?

1. I have two cats, Juno and Artemis, that I’ve had since they were kittens, as they were foster failures.

2. I love to draw and paint in my free time. I generally draw in a traditional style with ink and watercolors and paint in a pop art style with acrylic or oil paints.

3. Another pastime of mine is playing video games on my PC like League of Legends and Apex Legends!

What is your favorite part about Ring Community? Being able to communicate with our neighbors in a fun, simple and human environment, making everyone’s experience better. I like promoting the neighbor to neighbor interaction while ensuring that the right information is being put out there for all to see.

What is your favorite part about Ring? How fast-paced and creative a company can be. It’s great to be apart of a company and community that cares about neighbor safety and what the neighbor wants. Ring works day in and night out for the neighbors and that passion shows in something as simple as this Community board.


Welcome Chelsea!

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