Introduce local access for Ring products

The Ring Smart home and Security products should have a local api which can be used to communicate with the app or other smart home integrations even when there is no internet.

Anyone who has invested in the Ring eco system has or will at some point find themselves cut off from access to their cameras, alarm system, or smart home features because Ring’s products are heavily reliant on access to their servers to function.

From a security prospective this is a nightmare because it means anyone who has invested in Ring cameras can no longer use those cameras if the internet is out. This also means anyone using the ring security system will lose access to their security system settings even if they have local network access. No changing settings, no notifications about which sensor set off the alarm if they don’t have the protect plan, and no access to see the state of the sensors from the app.

From the smart home side of things I don’t imagine its any better, without internet access it is unlikely you can control your outdoor lights, get notifications from your motion sensors or even your mailbox sensor. Perhaps someone else can answer this question because I’ve avoided the smart home side of Ring, but do linked devices work together if there is no internet? I know I’ve read that the chime won’t ring for the doorbell if the internet is out, so I doubt it would for the motion sensor or that any lights could come if setup to, etc.

And that’s all before you get into third party integrations which are heavily reliant on those servers to monitor sensors for home automation in their favorite local smart home server (Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc). Integrations that fail without an internet connection because there is no way to get that information directly from the Ring Security Hub.

If its about the money then just create a product that takes over the functions of the ring server locally that can access, control, and provide information to those on the local network. You could also have some limited storage so that cameras could still upload footage to later be uploaded to the cloud. There’s no reason that the entire Ring ecosystem should just fall apart because someone somewhere cuts a line and so I’m without internet for a day.