Internet connection on vacation

Hi all! I am going on vacation tomorrow and will be taking one of my Ring cameras to put in the motel room (to monitor my 2 kitties while I am out). Will I be able to connect my Ring using the motel internet? One of my kitties was homeless/feral and has severe PTSD so I have given instructions no housekeeping, or coming into the room, etc., and just want to make SURE she is alright. THANKS!

Hey @lyssa0128. You may be able to dothis! I recommend bringing the device with you, as it may or may not connect, but definitely worth a shot as I know how important this is for your kitties. Some public wifis have restrictions on them that do not allow you to use the upload speed or connect these kind of devies, which is needed when you are loading a Live View as it’s live streaming from the device. Once at the motel, plug in the device, and then go into the Device Health section of the device’s profile to Change the Wifi network over to the motel wifi. From there, walk through the steps to get it connected, and you should be good! If you have any connection errors when connecting to the wifi, you may be unable to finish the setup. I recommend contacting the motel as well to ensure it is ok to have this camera set up, I’m sure they will be understanding! :slight_smile: