Internal doorbell no longer works

Good morning,

I have just purchased a Ring video doorbell and have just installed it. The Ring doorbell is working successfully but my internal digital doorbell doesn’t chime any longer when the new bell push is pressed.

When I installed the Ring device I tried the diode both ways round as recommended, but without success either way.

My existing doorbell system is as follows:

A Honeywell series 9 DW915S digital doorbell with wired bell push and power from a low voltage transformer (Hager ST301 4VA 12v)

Can anyone offer any suggestions of what to try next?

Thank you,


Hi @rogersansom! Thank you for providing these details on your experience. It sounds like you’ve done everything correctly as far as installation goes. I recommend checking our Chime Compatibility list to ensure your chime will work with the Video Doorbell you have. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. My Honeywell doorbell is indeed on the digital incompatible list! What a pity I didn’t know about this list before I bought the Ring Video doorbell.

I think Ring should be much clearer about the incompatibilities issue up front - I could see no reference to the compatible door bell list on their website.

The response is an explanation of my problem but not a solution , since I now have a video doorbell that I cannot use as intended.