Intermittent audible chime

I’ve had Ring cameras for a few years and they have worked perfectly. In th last 2-3 momths, the audible chime I used to get when motion was detected by outside cameras has stopped - almost. Almost every morning, the motions I get are audible. Later in the morning through the rest of the day, are rarely audible. This is true mostly for two cameras, but true to a lesser extent for all cameras.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, turned individual cameras on/off, changed the chime. Nothing helped.

FWIW, this problem exists on an android phone AND an iPhone X. Also of note, I have a profile app on the android that silences some chimes, including Ring outdoor cameras, at 10P and returns to audible at 6A. I’ve tried disabling the profile app - no change.

Hey @requiredusername. Are you talking about the audible alerts you get on your mobile device? If so, there may be a settings in your phone that is lower the volume. Please note that the sound is based off of your phone’s volume, so if your ringer or sound is lower in different parts of the day, this will lower the volume on the notification as well. I would recommend testing these notification sounds out by triggered alerts during the times that the sound seems “low.” Before triggering a notification to your phone, make sure all sounds are all the way up. Additionally, you may want to completely delete the app that is lower your sounds manually as well, as this app could be restricting the notification sounds regardless.

Should have stated that. Chimes/alerts from other apps work.

Ring chimes work randomly.

Yeah, this is on an android and iphone