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August Smart Lock integration!

August Smart Lock Pro in particular. The August locks are the only practical solution for smart security in apartments, as they do not require changing the entire lockset (and the landlord’s key).

If a formal integration isn’t going to be built, at least fix the Z-Wave pairing - which doesn’t seem to work right.

I think I now know why this hasn’t happened and may not. The new August locks coming out in a few months will be almost half their size, no hub needed and will not use Z wave at all… Hopefully, they will make it work someway, but Z wave won’t be one.

Hello, I am able to Add a LeakGopher Water Shutoff valve to the Ring Alarm. It was ID’ed by Ring as a Binary Switch and I can operate the valve via the Ring App.

Wondering if further integration is possible where I can link the water sensor trigger to the shutoff Valve?

Do you have Alexa? If so you might be able do something via Alexa routines.
As an example I created a routine that upon entering my garage the door sensor activated an Alexa enabled outlet that have a light plugged into it.
I also took an Alexa enabled outlet and plugged in a USB power source, that is connected to a small low voltage relay. The contacts of the relay go to my wall mount garage door opener. Then from an Alexa routine I can open the garage door via a voice command. Then to close it I can repeat the command. I have a ring door sensor on the garage door thus I can determine what state the door is in ( open vs closed). Amazon sells devices to do this but you have to use China made software to control them, I prefer to trust alexa over third party software.

Can you integrate jam / jamming detection for Ring Alarm System similar to the feature that SimpliSafe and Nest Guard have. Thank you!

All I want is local access to the ring device.

Local access to the camera, motion sensor and button sensor. Having to connect to a cloud service is ridiculous when the device is connected locally. It’s like having a cow, packaging the milk and selling it to the supermarket only to then go to the supermarker to buy a carton of milk.

I’ve ordered parts to turn a rasberry pi into a doorbell camera with the same features as the Ring except with local access. I’ll be dumping the Ring in the trash as soon as I get it up and running.


Ring Team,

The WWR integration of smart locks into Ring was great… love disarming my system by entering the code just once. But to get this feature, I had to give up some features that other smart hubs provided for my locks.

  • Auto-Lock - Using the door sensors, setup a “lock door after X minutes of being closed but not locked”. Please allow me to do this either 24/7, only when the alarm is set, or a schedule that I create. Each door should have its own independent settings (ie Front door always locks, back door auto-locks only when alarm is armed)
  • Unlocked notification - If you arm the system, and after X minutes of arming the system a door is found to be unlocked, send a push notification. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve come home to unlocked doors.

Please and thank you for all your work!

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This is good idea, hope they changes before we all dumping the Ring and do it on our own. Technology is out there we just need to search for it.


Please can you advise me which Ring Video Doorbell I should be purchasing. The Doorbell cannot be hardwired for power and needs to integrate into the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator and Alexa

Thanks in advance

I don’t think Ring integrates into the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator yet, but for Alexa sometimes it works, and Ring still needs to work on some of those issues


The Samsung smart fridge definatelly has the Ring application installed.

I’d like IFTTT enabled geofencing that can turn on the Ring Floodlight as I drive near the house. I have to have the motion sensitivity very low to stop all the busy road traffic from turning the light on all the time, but if it is me, I want it to turn on as soon as I’m getting close.

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Sad to see that stupid Europe had limited ring video storage to 30 days, didn’t know and lost some important videos.

Now ring is part of Amazon can we look at Amazon drive integrated for permanent storage or at least starred videos.

I’d pay to increase my Amazon drive storage so extra money for the companies.

Smartthings integration, preferably direct, people are currently paying 3rd party servers to act as middle men to get the systems to talk to each other so it is definitely a sought after feature, I mainly want smartthings to be able to arm and disarm the alarm as part of routines and smart apps, as I am heavily invested into smartthings being the centre of my smart home including hue, arlo, ifttt, alexa, google assistant, sonos, harmony, plus a few other brands. I’m sure this will be the case for many other people.

I like that I can look at who is at my door by asking Alexa who is at my front door but I wish it worked like google does and just automatically show me when the door bell gets pushed. Also I would like to be able to ask Alexa to show me the other cameras I have.

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I have a Portal 10 and would like my Ring Camera Doorbells to display when the button is pushed.



I’d love to see contact sensor opening and closing triggers available on IFTTT.

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Suggestion: Increase API functionality to provide Live video access, and Real-time Ring Events such as Motion & Doorbell Ring.

Many of us have 3rd party security or home automation products or services that we wish to use alongside our Ring products. Home Assistant is an example of an excellent, open source product that integrates very well already with many products, including Ring. Sadly, because of the lack of API features it is not possible for them to provide access to the core product i.e. live real-time video, but only to secondary features such as the latest recording and battery levels.

I love my ring doorbell, and I would love to recommend & purchase other Ring products such as security cameras, but due to lack of API support I believe it to be more prudent to seek out products that do have integration options.

With security cameras in particular I would be stuck with Ring software as my security camera software. You can not possibly have the hubris to think Ring makes the best security NVR software; I would prefer to use my own NVR software, but I do not think this is an option, unless I am mistaken.

In my mind there could be nothing more awesome than if my Kodi-enabled TV could pop up doorbell video when someone is at the front door. But sadly, I don’t see this happening without allowing 3rd parties some kind of API access to your platform.

Thanks for your time.

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Ring and Fire are both Amazon owned devices, right? Can we get notification and option to answer/view Ring alerts from our Fire TVs?

I installed the Retrofit Kit today and was able to successfully wire my hardwired motion detector into a zone. The app recognizes the connection however there is no option in the settings for motion. The choices ( Primary Door, Secondary and Window Sensor will not accurately depict its status. To test the motion sensor, i set it up as a window sensor. I was able to trigger the detection with motion (open) and once I cleared the room, the sensor shows closed. Can there be a feature specific to motion for the hardwired zone??


I agree!!! Maybe they can come up with a speaker like the Echo Flex !! Plug it in wherever we need additional sound coverage to hear the chimes.