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It will open or close the door? I thought it just TOLD you if the door was open/closed.

Yes, this is a feature Nest has over Ring - the ability to sense when you are home.

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We need this! The Ring definitely over-notifies. Need the ability to quickly pause notifications for a period of time also - not just at certain times of the day.


Pause notifications with Alexa voice command. We are inundated with notifications when the dogs are outside, or someone is bringing in groceries, or we are plowing/shoveling. We need to be able to pause all alerts - with a voice command - for a custom period of of time (10 min, 1 hour, etc).

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Ring has a great alarm base station that has the ability to be so much more. If y’all could enable to zigbee chip, I would be able to replace my wink hub(which appeared to be going downhill anyways). The ability to move all of my current integrations over would be awesome. It’d also be nice to see integrations with Phillips hue and HomeKit. Althoug I know it’s been said that HomeKit is on the way. I have a workaround utilizing HOOBS that is awesome. It’d be nice to see official integration with HomeKit.

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How about if you start with HomeKit, like you promised THREE years ago!!!

Here is a great idea that all Home Security Cam I have not seen it yet.
I’d love to see a Ring App and connect to the Automobile Screen either by Bluetooth or by Wifi similar to that Android/OS App that connects to a Smart TV.
-Notifications for rings/motion while driving, I don’t have to grab my phone and look for it.
-Ability to live stream and talk to the Ring products.
If this becomes available Ring will dominate most of the market out there. But I have little hope that Ring will do something about it before some else does.

Just found that my Ring purchased during the Black Friday sale doesn’t integrate very well with Alexa. This is a must have “Feature” and the only reason I went with Ring. Good thing I still have my old doorbell. Going to wait till my last day to send it back and hope this gets added before then.


Yes Ring. Add automations! I am running all of my smart switches/outlets on Samsung Smartthings to automatically schedule lights to turn on/off. We need Ring to add this capability to have all controls under 1 app.


The way Rapid Ring app works is really good and fast. Not sure why this isn’t just integrated inside the Ring app.

But same functionality should be made available for Echo Show, with an option to automatically show live view of camera or door bell when motion is detected or button is pressed.

Oh, and HomeKit…


We’ll never get HomeKit - that’s a fact.

But could we at least have Siri shortcuts to turn on/off Ring Alarm?


The Alexa voice commands for setting and deactivating the Ring Alarm were introduced this year if that is what you are asking for. this Ring help article explains hot to use the voice commands for Ring Alarm. Note that disarming the Ring Alarm requires a pass code to work. This is pretty much standard with all alarm systems that have implemented voice commands. The same goes for unlocking a smart door lock or opening a garage door with a smart controller.

Thank you for your answer, but I’m not asking about Alexa commands, which are great for arming the system (Alexa, I’m leaving).

But when I am arriving at home, I wish I could simply say “Siri, turn off alarm”. This would simply launch the Ring App in the background and turn off the alarm.

In order to do this, Siri will require passcode or the corresponding device to be unlocked. I currently have this enabled with my smart lock, which detects me by geofencing and prompts me to unlock the door. I can also issue the Siri command to “open the door” which will do by simply looking at the phone (FaceID enabled).

Since HomeKit will never be implemented, it would be great if we could at least get these shortcut integrations. This is a simple enhancement to the mobile app.

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I would like my Facebook Portal to automatically display either my front door or my back door camera when the doorbell button is pushed.



Look up "Project Connected Home over IP Intends to Simplify Development for Device Manufacturers and Increase Compatibility for Consumers ". Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance are supposed to start working to gether to create a standard. It will probably take a while but at least it is a start.

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It’d be great to have a dashboard that shows me every device which has accessed my account, it’s IP, and the last time it accessed it. Not a panacea for security, but would definitely help us find bad actors trying to access our account.

I’d also love to be able to use a Google Auth-compatible app for 2FA instead of SMS.

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integration with nest hub please.

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Integrate the interior camera with the base unit. I.e., I should not have to install a motion detector wherever I have a camera if I want violation of space to sound the alarm. I mean, I mean, how come a camera with built in motion detector can have the base unit send me a notification, but cannot have the base station sound its alarm and contact the monitoring company ??? Further, why can’t the camera trigger turning on a lamp ???


Concerning doorbell integration with Alexa, I have multiple Echo speaker devices throughout our home, some of them even located in the same room (FireTV Cube and an Echo show for instance). When I enable notifications for a press or motion detection to be broadcast, it comes through on all of my devices simultaneously. I would love to be able to designate the notifications to only go on specified devices or a device group. I happen to have devices tied to my account at different physical locations as well and it’s inconvenient to have them alert as well.

I’ve worked around this a bit by creating routines for each speaker/show device that I want to alert based on the but that reduces some of the feature capability and isn’t as simple as being able to simply select a specific device or device group. This would also be useful for security systems.

  1. Apple Home Kit Integration - its been promised for years. Allowing me to control the alarm through my apple ecosystem is not going to jeopardize Amazon’s grip on everything. I’m still going to pay my yearly subscritpion for everything, I just want a single pane of glass to control everything.
  2. A keypad that doesn’t look like a children’s toy from the 1980s. I want a touch panel (see above request for home kit) that I can use to interact with the alarm.
  3. The ability to change the entry delay tones (the sounds played when a door marked as entry delay). The current tone is obnoxious and doesn’t evoke a sense of urgency to get to the panel and turn it off or therefor, ward off an intruder when a door is breached.
  4. Additional integrations with Apple TV that would bring up the door bell when someone presses the button and allow me to see on my TV who is at the door and interact with the person.
  5. True Multi-factor support vs. SMS. A security company should not be using a known weak method of MFA.