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Hi neighbors! At Ring, we take feedback and feature request very seriously. That’s why we’re creating this special post, where you can share any wish list items you’d like to see with Ring Integrations. We’ll keep this post pinned to the top of the Ring Integrations board so you can easily access it. Be sure to do a quick search and see if your item is already on the list to avoid duplicates. If it is, go ahead and give it a ‘kudo’ so we know that is what you want too!

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Thank you both for sharing your wishes with the Community! We’ve created a feature request thread for yourselves, and other neighbors, to continue sharing requests that we can in turn share with the team. Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Can we have the keypads, chime, Dome siren, or something else play door open sounds other than the base station. If we’re upstairs we can’t necessarily hear the door open sound from our base station.


I would like to see a dedicated alert volume for the Amazon Echo devices. I realize this would be a joint feature on the part of both Ring and Amazon, but I’m not certain how to recommend/request features for their product line-up. Since Amazon now owns Ring (at least this is my understanding), I’m hoping that bringing forward the suggestion will allow Ring to generate some dialogue with Amazon.

We have a senior citizen living in the home and the chime volume the plays over the Echo devices is insufficient and can’t easily be heard when the doorbell is pressed (we have two Doorbell Pro devices). Working with Amazon to have a specific “Ring Alert Volume” setting in addition to the chime tones would be fantastic. If the alert volume is high enough to hear the doorbells, everything else coming from the Echos is deafening.

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A Ring keypad with Alexa built in.


I’ve purchased a z-wave smart switch and added to Ring account/app, and I’m disappointed to see that the only thing I can do is remotely turn on and off. I would like to be able to schedule when turn on and off, and to link to doorbell and alarm events. It would be nice also to get a notification when someone turns that on or off. Please add those features. Thanks!


Here’s one – combined events. There’s a difference between someone leaving the house and someone entering.

If the doorbell and door contact sensor worked together, it could be possible to tell these situations apart based on the order in which they occur and do something different in each case…

I specifically purchased the Show and Ring Pro so that I could see who was at the front door before answering. My problem is the delay from the point that a person rings the bell and I’m able to view the live camera (a few seconds to ask Alexa to “show the front door” and a few seconds for the live video feed to appear on the Show. I would like to see a skill that will automatically turn on the live view on the Show when motion is detected or the doorbell is activated. I once read a hack, that I can no longer find, that suggests putting another Dot next to the the show with a script that says “Alexa, show the front door”, when motion or a ring is detected. I have a spare Dot, but this seems so simple that I’m hoping the skill has been added.


Feature Request-
Would love to see an Apple TV App similar to that of the OSX app.
-Notifications for rings/motion while watching a show.
-Ability to live stream multiple cameras on TV

If this becomes available I will replace all my Nest Cams with Ring Cams.


Are there any plans to integrate the Dome Water Shut-Off Valve? It works with many Z-Wave Hubs but not Ring.


How about getting the gocontrol/linear gd00z-4 (it is a Z Wave device) garage door opener to work on the ring system. My current system (not Ring) allows me to operate my garage door with Alexa or my alarm app.

File it under door locks. Unlock=Open, Lock=Close tilt sensor alerts the status of the door.

Since this is a DIY system, this option for controlling a garage door is super simple to install and works with non-smart garage doors.


I wish Ring could be enabled with the google hub it would be sooo much better



I have integrated the Schlage connect (z-wave integrated) while i can lock/unlock & notified on my Ring App for door open/close, 1) why don’t my base station chirp 2) during armed/home mode when the door opens can we trigger an alarm(perimeter security)


Geofencing - I’d like to have the option of setting Ring alarm to automatically switch to Away mode when I get a defined distance away from my house.


Please add z-wave integration with NuTone NWS15Z smart z-wave switches.

Please add a function to the Ring Alexa Skill to cause it to implement Motion Snooze.

The Ring App implements Motion Snooze but the Ring Alexa Skill continues to announce any sensed motion regardless of Motion Snooze being set. It is pointless temporarily suspending Motion announcements to the mobile telephone when Motion Snooze is set while the Alexa devices continue to make Motion announcements. Please rectify.

I’m attempting to raise this Integrations Feature Request by a Reply to the lead Post on the Integrations Feature Request board. If this is not the correct manner to make an Integrations Feature Request, please Reply with clear instructions about doing this.

Jennifer_Ring unhelpfully responds to Posts on the Ring Integrations board with a suggestion to Post a request on the Integrations Feature Request board with absolutely no indication about how to do so.




Hi Ring Team. I currently use Yale YRD210 locks and they work nicely with Ring Alarm and Amazon Alexa. I am looking at upgrading and considering YaleRD256-ZW2 as well as Lockly Secure Pro locks. As Lockly are not supported/certified at this time, I would be very intreseted in seeing Lockly be included on the supported list. Lockly locks are a little more advanced and have some features that are not found on the Yale, Schlage or KwikSet locks.

Z-Wave GoControl/Linear Garage Door Controller would be great. It comes with a tilt sensor and can turn just about any “dumb” garage door opener into a smart device.


I have the combo First Alert CO and Smoke detectors.
I have situations where I would like to disable JUST the CO or JUST the Smoke detection (ideally for an adjustable period of time, such 1, 2, 3 hours etc.), I realize that the detector itself may not have the capability, but the reporting to central dispatch could.

I would also like to see Alexa integration, so that a routine could be set up to announce which device is alarming to ALL of my echo devices. I have an echo in my barn and if I am working out there I would not be able to hear the ring alarm that is located in the house, but I would be able to hear Alexa.

Be able to silence the smoke alarm remotely via the ring app, without having to get out a ladder.


It will open or close the door? I thought it just TOLD you if the door was open/closed.