Integration with Schlage Encode - Key by Amazon is not available

I purchased Schlage Encode because it integrated with Ring, but then when I tried to do this I found that I need Key by Amazon - okay BUT Key by Amazon is not available in my region (New Zealand)

Can you please make another way to do this or Amazon allow us to use Key by Amazon in other regions just for this lock integration. I understand Ring is owned by Amazon - but both Ring and Schlage are sold outside of Key by Amazon supported post codes!!!

Hey @mbuswell. Thank you for sharing that information with us. We don’t have information on Key by Amazon being available in New Zealand at the moment, however, we will certainly send this feedback to the team and keep you updated on any new features available in your region.

thanks Caitlyn

I would be good to have this feedback sent, I suspect it will be a very long time and possibly never that Key by Amazon would be available in New Zealand. In Fact I am sure there are a LOT of places where you can get Ring and Schlage but not Key by Amazon. I really do not understand why integration between the two is not possible without Key by Amazon. Surely via the Schlage Home app for example. It is afterall only a lock/unlock icon and then an API call to unlock or lock the door - this must be possible via Schlage Home app . Please do forward and am keenly interested to hear the response.


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