Integration to delivery services (DoorDash, instacart, etc)

The pandemic aside where some may choose to have deliveries made to their home as opposed to picking up food or groceries, the key selling point of services like these is to avoid spending the time performing these errands yourself.

For me, that means spending that time doing something else. I’m not just sitting on the couch stalking the whereabouts of the delivery person. In my opinion, that almost equates to the same amount of time and attention as just doing it myself.

This is especially true with grocery delivery which can sometimes occur hours after you first submitted your order. Numerous times I’ve ordered orders and then given attention to something else. Back to work, a home project, time with family etc only to realize that deliver occurred some time before and groceries have been sitting on the porch unnoticed because I wasn’t watching for app notifications.

I try to always leave instructions for the delivery person to simply press the doorbell button on my ring cam but they often don’t.

How about an option to allow these services to also in some way integrate and submit a notification to ring that makes the doorbell automatically ring when a delivery confirmation comes in.

I am not always looking at my phone when a delivery occurs to know the precise moment to grab items off the porch but you can sure bet that if the doorbell rang It would be noticed.