Integration of "Works with Ring" switches

I am disappointed to find that “works with Ring” switches and the like can not be triggered by the Ring motion detectors or grouped with cameras. This would be a powerful addition to allow things such as turning on porch lights or other existing indoor/outdoor lighting. Scheduling and motion detection with camera groups seems like a no-brainer as it would just be a software upgrade. I have heard that Ring does not like to let non-Ring devices control Ring security cameras and such. That makes sense I suppose, so make your own switches then please.

Not sure why this Community keep saying “Correct highlighted errors …”

My exact same issue. If Ring owners add “Works with Ring “ switches categorized as “Lights” they don’t even show up in the Dashboard “Lights” list.
They are really not integrated into the UI or functions of the Ring Alarm system.
Needs to be fixed.
Great topic…thanks!

We should keep creating posts about this and upvoting them. That’s the only way to put it on Ring’s radar and help them understand the importance of it. I bought a Ring Alarm thinking that “works with ring” meant it treats the device like any other, not that it would be burried deep in the recesses of the system while Ring branded devices are at the forefront.

I have the same issue and am not happy…can’t turn on my outside light switch when my RING camera detects motion? That is idiotic and shortsighted of RING.