Integrating GE light switch (Works with Ring)

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I see on the website that the GE light switches are listed as “works with Ring”. Is there a way in the Ring app to turn on and off lights when a camera or motion sensor senses motion? Or, do I need to use a 3rd party app? I have the Ring alarm that I plan to use as my Z-wave base. Thank you!

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Hey @djcscott60! The WWR GE switch can certainly be added to Alarm for viewing and toggle control in the app. As far as automating, scheduling, or custom scenes, this would make an excellent feature request.

I’ll happily share this request with the team, as we’ve seen other neighbors share interest in this as well. Feel free to share any future requests with us in our Feature Request board.


Is there a way to be alerted when this is in place?
I’ve just installed 4 of these switches for outside lights, and would love to schedule (dusk to midnight do example), and have all come on in the event of a Ring Alarm, and have front porch light come on if between dusk to dawn, and doorbell was rung…
So many possibilities!

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I’m interested in the same feature. Any update on this?

You are kidding me. The reason I bought the light switch was to control it with a schedule.

You are saying I cannot schedule the on and off?

Is there a ring product that can schedule exisiting light?

Was also looking at this to have the front porch lights come on when the door bell senses motion or is rung. Would this require the Bridge? I don’t have the Ring security system and no plans to replace my current one.

Hi @GAZORN. Yes, This can be achieved with a Ring Bridge and Linked Devices. You can find out more about Linked Devices here.

More reseach showed me the bridge does not do Z Wave, so switchs and some of the other items do not work with it, require the alarm system which I have no plans to purchase. Wish the bridge for smart lighting also handled z-wave.

There is no way for Ring to turn on a light switch using the Bridge or Alarm base. You can only control your traditional lights manually thru the app. Put the request into the Features forum