Instantly show Live view on echo show 5


Just wondering if it is possible to instantly show the live feed when someone rings the doorbell? At the moment it makes the announcement and will allow tme to pull up live view by asking. In the Alexa App it says “announcments and live view” against my show but its not working. I assume it would do it instantly.

Is it possible or am I doing something Wrong?

Cheers Radlands.

Hi @Radlands. The Live View will not automatically pull up when the Doorbell is pressed, but you can use voice commands to pull the Live View up on your Echo Show. You can follow the instructions in our Help Center Article here to do so. Additionally, you can use routines with your Ring device and your Alexa device. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile:

Just got this to work this past weekend…

First add a routine to alexa

Then choose device ( doorbell name)

Next choose (you have the option of doorbell rings or senses motion)

Add “Custom” … typing “show me the (named view like front door)” (this will auto add alexa, to it)

Next choose which device(s) to show on.

It’s been working good… I chose motion because it still takes a few seconds to connect and motion should occur before anyone actually gets to the doorbell.

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