Instantly able to watch of a recording

I’m not sure if its only me, but I find the inabilty to instantly watch a recent motion or answered motion irritating. In other words, i get a notice of movemnet in my camera zone and by the time the camera spools up the person or item that caused the notice is out of view. I am able view live instantly (well after it connects) but I cannot view the seconds before the event until the video recording is completed. When I go to the recording to view what it was, it will not let open or allow me view until the recording length is complete. I have excellent wifi (Mesh) and all my cameras are hard wired so its not a power issue. I have the latest updates and it happens on my Iphone 10 and my laptop Yoga, doesnt matter. Any ideas how to see the invader without waiting for the recording to finish first? Sorry for the ramble…


Such is the nature of the Ring cloud ecosytem for the cameras and doorbells. The recordings are of little value to see what IS happening. The recordings are great to see what WAS happening. To see what IS happening you need the live view, and you are correct, you will miss what happened before the live view connected until you can see the recording. You will find + and - about every method of implementation. This is the Ring implementation.

To ensure your ‘Ring of security’ is optimized for real time viewing, it’s always best to start with motion settings. Distance, sensitivity, and even the size, or number of zones, can make a difference. I recommend utilizing all 3 zones if possible, and trying different sensitivity options to see which works best for the area. The Rapid Ring app may also improve your experience with quickly connecting to an event, as it is intended to do just that. Check out this Community post about the Rapid Ring app to learn more :slight_smile:

The reason why you cannot see the triggering event video straight away is that it is being processed and stored. It is not live streamed to storage, so it’s not possible to simply ‘rewind’ live. When the 24/7 option comes in I am sure you will be able to do this.

Marley, you missed his point entirely. Fortunately other community members got it.

Agreed! Very frustrating to have to wait and wait and wait… to see what triggered the alert. In my case I have a long verandah in front of the house with the front door in the middle. A lot of my motion events move across the camera at 90 degrees, so I almost never see what caused the event until I view the video clip, which shows the activity at the start of the clip then quickly disappears out of view. I understand what is happening technically, but that still doesn’t solve the problem.

Yes, this is the way Ring has implemented their product. No, this is ‘just the way it is’ is not an acceptable answer. Fundamentally, they need to make changes so that either the local camera buffers some amount of local video for ‘instant’ viewing of ‘now’ and recent history, or improve the ‘processing’ time so the motion capture is available more quickly. This is basic functionality for a video security and alarm system. So, Ring, what can be done or what is in the works?


Amen! The alert tells you something just happened. So it’s natural to WANT TO SEE what it was. Ring processing is way too slow.