Installing Stick Up Cam on Your Ceiling or Wall

If you are wanting to install your Stick Up Cam on your ceiling, you’ll need to purchase the mount for an ideal viewing angle and proper functionality. Learn more about it below.

Tip for Installing a Stick Up Cam on a Ceiling or Wall

If you would like to mount your Stick Up Cam from a ceiling or wall, it’s best to purchase the Mount for Stick Up Cam accessory to do so properly. This mount, is easily adjustable to assist with finding the correct angle needed to optimize the cameras field of view and motion detection. Note: If you try to install your Stick Up Cam without this mount by placing it upside down or sideways, it may interfere with your motion detection. Learn more about how it detects motion in the section below.

Why the Stick Up Cam Cannot Be Installed Upside Down on a Ceiling

The Stick Up Cam uses a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to detect motion. The sensor passively waits for a large heat signature to enter its coverage area to trigger the camera to record. It is a stationary sensor that covers from about the midway point of the camera’s field of view, down to about six feet below to cover the ground in front. This means if you were to flip the camera upside down to install it, that the sensor would be covering the ceiling instead of the area below it. The sensor is stationary and cannot be updated through an app setting.

Discount Code

If this mount is right for your setup, make sure to use the discount code STICKUPMOUNT5 for $5 off your Stick Up Cam Mount at check out on Note: This code can only be used one time and has a value of $5 only for the Stick Up Cam Mount. See the full terms here.

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