Installing second RVD at carport door

I have two doorbell buttons, one at the front door, one at the carport door. I installed the first RVD (wired) at the front door using the jumper, which left the rear doorbell still working and connected to the house chime. I liked it so much I bought an additional RVD wired for the carport door as well as the wireless chime. I’m a bit confused on the wiring diagram, but do I understand correctly that basically I would be removing the jumper wire in the house chime and simply replace the carport button with the second RVD? Reference

Hi @mrhinman. If you have a Doorbell Wired at the front door and one at the carport door, then you’ll need a Jumper for each of them, assuming that your Chime Kit has a wire going to the front and rear. One Jumper should go from front-trans and the second should be rear-trans. You can also post a picture of your Chime Kit so we can take a better look at how this should be wired.

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