Installing ring wired door bell to Friedland doorbell

Hi all and thank you in advance for any help :).

I am trying to install ring wired doorbell 2nd gen to my existing doorbell wiring. I have also purchased the ring 2nd gen transformer. Does anyone have any pointers to what wire would go where? Apologies if this sounds like a basic question as I’m new to this.

Again thanks for any help

This is the transformer that I’ve purchased

If it is this Video Doorbell Wired model that you are installing, check out the installation instructions here:

During installation, there is a step for using a cable that will disable the chime kit, in which the Ring Chime will be most useful for sound thereafter. You may need to hire a qualified electrician to install a Ring DIN Rail Transformer (2nd Generation). Refer to your local laws and building regulations before performing electrical work. Permits and/or professional installation may be required by law in your area. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

you may not need the transformer. The bypass cable goes between the 0 and 3 wires. If everything works after you connect the bypass cable then you are good to go. If you get a low power warning then you will need to use the transformer. Its not in the picture - so its likely installed in your fuse box, or near to it.