Installing ring video toot bell pro

Our current doorbell is a door answering system (doorbell fon). When doorbell is pushed it rings our house phone and you can talk to that person (90s house). We are trying to install the ring pro power kit. Can this be installed directing to box for the doorbell fon? It has + - wires coming from doorbell. Can it be installed there? There is no inside chime. Thank you

Hello @Rsperry,
There are many variables here. From the limited information that you have provided, I understand you are attempting to install a pro power kit for doorbell pro. The doorbell pro uses a power supply of 24V 500mA 12W. Do you know the power rating of your door phone power supply? If not, you may not be able to use it with your pro power kit to power the doorbell pro.
Your best option is to contact Ring tech support. Pretty knowledgeable advisors there to sort this out. There’s no hold time too. At least here in the UK.
Hope this helps