Installing ring doorbell pro 2 - existing bell & no powerkit bypass

The Ring doorbell Pro 2 in the UK doesn’t come with a power kit for the chime bypass. However the instructions in the help centre only shows bypass using the power kit.

Please is someone able to provide clear instructions for installing the doorbell Pro 2 using existing wiring without the power kit for European countries?


Think you might have been on the US site when looking, no mention of power kit on UK site instructions. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josef, you’re right I must have been looking at the US site. So in fact it’s now easier than the Doorbell Pro 1 because the transformer now converts the current to DC, so we just bridge the input and output cables in the chime to create a complete circuit. :grinning:

As far as I know this is correct. The new version of the Ring DIN rail transformer that ships with the Pro 2 is a DC transformer. Previously with the Pro 1 it was an AC.


Thanks for your responses, I’ve installed successfully :slightly_smiling_face:

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