Installing Ring Alarm System on Multiple Structures at the Same Address

I plan to buy a Ring alarm system but am not sure what I need. I would like to install monitors on 3 separate buildings, which are all located at the same address: 1) The main house; 2) A detached garage building; and 3) A guest house. Again, these are separate buildings that are all at the same address. I would like to be able to arm and disarm them separately. Can I do this with a single base and multiple keypads? Or do I need separate bases/alarm systems for each building? If the latter, would these be treated as separate systems if having them professionally monitored by Ring? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Hi @Frank01. It gets a little tricky when dealing with multiple buildings at the same address, as the Ring Alarm system is designed to be used within one home. With how you described the setup you’re looking to implement, you wouldn’t be able to arm and disarm different buildings within the same system. You would need to purchase multiple Alarm systems for each building, but we advise against having multiple systems at the same address, as it’s not really designed to be used this way.

You could look into installing a Security Camera on the shed or guest house that you’re looking to monitor, as it will only require a solid wifi connection and can alert you to motion at the location. You can check out our Security Camera Buyer’s Guide here, which will have information on all of the models of our Cameras. I hope this helps you decide on the best fit for security for your home! :slight_smile: