Installing new 2021 Ring Video Doorbell Wired with existing Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I am receiving a new Ring video doorbell wired today and I have an existing ring video doorbell pro working at my front door and a Ring Chime Pro in use, when I initially installed the Pro, I installed the Pro Power Kit that came with it, the new Ring Video Doorbell wired says to install a jumper. My chime box has 2 existing wires going to Rear, one red wire going to the transformer and nothing going to Front. I connected the Pro kit to trans and rear and all is ell but I ask, do I connect the new jumper to the trans and rear connectors and leave the Pro kit as it is or do I remove the Pro kit?


Hey @josephrappe. I apologize for the delayed response, but I wanted to get accurate information. When installing a Ring Pro and a Doorbell Wired, they would have to be connected to different terminals on your Chime Kit. This means, for example, your Pro Power Kit for your Ring Pro would have to be connected to Rear and Trans on your Chime Kit and the Jumper would need to be connected to Front and Trans, provided that your Doorbell transformer and Chime Kit are wired this way. I hope this information helps!