Installing a 2nd wired ring

I used to have one wired ring doorbell and decided to buy a second to replace the other hardwired doorbell at my house. When I tried to install the second wired ring, the circuit seems to be incomplete as now neither of my rings will power on. Do I need to remove the jumper wire in the transformer that I installed when I originally only had one ring? Any help would be appreciated as this is becoming very frustrating. Thanks!


Hi @seanpettit. Can you confirm which model of Ring Doorbell you have? You can find this information on the original packaging, or on the Device Health page in the Ring App. We have some wiring diagrams available in our Help Center, and I can see what is available based on the model of Doorbell you have. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring its the 2021 Ring Video Doorbell Wired

I have a similar question, I have a Ring doorbell pro installed on my front door with the normal transformers and power packs inside my chime box. Am hoping to install a new doorbell wired at my rear door and am unsure if I need to install the “jumper cable”. I do not need my rear door bell to trigger my mechanical chime.

@seanpettit Thanks for that information! Do you have them wired to a chime kit or directly to a transformer? You can find the wiring diagrams for the Doorbell Wired here. Since your case does involve two Doorbells and potentially only one chime kit or transformer, it may be best to check with our support team on if any modifications are needed for that configuration. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi @Tuff_Ng. You can reference the installation guide for the Doorbell Wired here and you can review the wiring diagrams here. The Doorbell Wired will not ring any internal chime kits, and the jumper cable is used when the Doorbell is wired to a chime kit. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: