Infra red wash out

One of my wired spotlight cams is set on the side of my house to watch that side and the pedestrian entry gate from the front yard. The problem is because these things have a ridiculous wide angle and I’m trying to look down a narrow area, when night time comes and the infra red kicks in much of the infra red bounces off the wall and washes out the camera so it can’t see anything at all.

Is there a fix to this? I will try covering some or most of the infra red with electrical tape to see if it helps but it seems sort of silly to “fix” an expensive camera with tape.

Attached photos show an early evening pic and then nighttime when infra red turns on. I can’t aim it in any other direction or the camera will basically be pointed in my neighbors back yard and their windows.

It’s definitely picking up a lot of that wall, @AnthonyB. Do you havea ny way of rotating the camera out a bit? Can you please confirm which camera this is as well? Thank you!