Indoor Security Camera Sound comes in and out

I have an Indoor Security camera that I have attached on the wall 6 feet high. I would view the stream live and click the sound button. I can hear static in the background and barely hear someone talking. My WIFI signal is great but on my phone it goes in and out.

It’s because the cameras are junk. I wish I would have never purchased them. I should of spent the money and bought real cameras. You should do the same. The sound on my outdoor ones to the same thing. I’ve purchased the extender from ring and no help.

Sorry to hear this is happening, neighbors! Good call on checking wifi signal, as RSSI is important for the most optimal audio experience. Please also test audio on wifi only, and cell data only, on your mobile device. Ensure bluetooth and VPN are disabled, as well as other apps in the background.

If the audio does not improve after these steps, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device.