Indoor live feed not working due to encryption!

Hi, I just bought two wired Indoor Cameras and set them up through the ring app and everything but whenever I try to watch live feed through the Ring app I get an error saying that the video is encrypted. I searched the help section but couldn’t find much help other than that I should go to control section in ring app and choose end to end encryption and some more steps but when I go there I get this message again, this time it says “you’ll get an email when it’s here” or something like that.

This is very frustrating, I just bought these Cameras and I can’t watch live feed, is this really how they work?? My doorbell works fine but these don’t work, why? Not even through Alexa either. Can nothing be done? Should I return them while I still can?

I am having the same issue after having to reset my router and reconnect my wifi on my doorbell. No issue on my security cam.

Thank you for your feedback on this, neighbors! It looks like our team reported a matter yesterday regarding encryption, seen on Please reference the End to End Encryption For Powered Devices status, which advises you to remove and setup your devices if this concern has not yet been resolved for you. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: