Indoor Cams not displaying on Desktop app / Windows 10

Anyone else not seeing their new “Indoor Cam” displaying on the Windows 10 desktop app? Other cameras (Spotlight cams) are displayed just fine. Just installed 2 Indoor Cams yesterday and they are not showing up. Uninstalled app & reinstalled per chat tech. No help. Cleaned cache per chat tech. No help.

Complained to tech support via a 3rd chat and received cut/paste general response, which didn’t address this issue. Emailed and received the exact same word for word response from a different agent, so I assume they are having problems with the Desktop App, especially after seeing the poor reviews for the app online. Wish Ring was more open when they have an issue, instead of just a cut/paste response. Seems some agents know of a problem and others don’t. Not very reassuring.

I have 4 new indoor cams and none are showing up in the windows 10 app.

Add: all of other 3 outside cams are showing up fine.

Same issue here. My doorbells and floodlight cams show up, but not my indoor cam.

Thank you for your patience, neighbors! Indoor Cam will be available on the Mac/Windows desktop app in the near future. We will keep you updated once it is available!

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Hi neighbors! We just released a new version for the Windows App. You should now be able to view your Indoor Cam :slight_smile:

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Yes, it works! I just updated the app in the Microsoft store. I can see my inside cameras. Thanks!

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