Indoor Camera, is it possible to schedule to automatically come on at night and off during the day

With an Indoor Camera, is it possible to schedule it to automatically come on at a specific time at night and then turn-off at a specefic time during the day

Good question, @GHouston! The Indoor Cam certainly does have a motion scheduling feature that can be used to allow for motion alerts during specified times and days. If you are asking about the entire Camera itself, at Ring we value your privacy and your security, thus we have made an Indoor Camera Privacy Kit available on our accessories page at While this cannot be automated on a schedule, check around the Community for any neighbor shared solutions, such as using a smart switch. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Wow, this is pretty disapointing. The accessory you have is right out of the dark ages - unplug the device, or put something in front of the camera every time you want to turn it off.

As a technology company I would have thought you would have a simple scheduling software program. I have worked on set-back thermostats for 30+ years because people don’t want to have to walk over to their thermostat every morning, every time they leave the house, every time they come back home, or every time they go to bed. Instead they like a simple, easy to use program that takes care of their system so that they can set it up once and be done with it. Maybe you should chat with the folks over at Nest.