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How do I save and record video

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How do I save and record video

Hello @Cadillacbeaches ,

In order to for your Indoor Cam to record you need to:

  • Have the “Record Motion” toggled enabled on your Indoor Cam’s Device page of your App (and/or “Motion Detection Enabled” in your Alarm Modes).
  • A ‘triggering movement’, or by you commanding/selecting a “Live View”, that will activate the camera to record. When enabled, your camera can also take ‘still’ photograghs at regular intervals that you set on your “Snapshot” feature.
  • The event is recorded and stored to the Ring “Cloud” server. This recording service is automatically provided on a “Free One-Month” period, that started when you set up you cam. After that trial period, you need to either have a “Ring Protect Plan Basic” or the “Ring Protect Plan Plus” subscription to have your stored.

You can download your Video recordings from the Ring “Cloud” by downloading them from your “Event History” listing page :

Also, instead of going to the “Event History” listing page, you can download your Video recordings and “Snapshot” pictures (in 15-minute intervals) by going to the device page “Event History Time-line” Bar display, and scroll to the Video Recording or Snapshot section that you wish to download, pause the playback, and then click the lower-left “Share” button and to download the event to your device with the Ring App click the “Downward/Download Arrow” Icon (far right) and that video portion, or 15-minute Snapshot interval will download.

I hope you find this information useful. :slight_smile:

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