Indoor cam won’t display any video

I’ve reset and rebooted the camera several times and verified strong wifi signal. Also changed wifi router and power source. In the device health on the app it say firmware is up to date, and the last checked time is recent. All I receive trying to view is a streaming error. This device worked fine in march, but was unplugged since a few days ago when I plugged it back in and started not being able to view the video.

Hi @33683405bacce23fcb59fc83f794d0. When it comes to Live View concerns, there could be various different causes as everyone’s wifi network and home environment is unique. Review the troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Community Post on Live View to check some of these potential causes for the streaming error you’re receiving. It’s also important to take into consideration if there have been any recent changes to your wifi network settings, such as adjustments to the speeds or the firewall settings. You may need to reach out to your internet service provider to review your wifi and router settings to ensure nothing could be blocking the Live View from your Camera.

I should have mentioned I have a ring door bell on the same network that works fine.
Also, my rfi is -34.