Indoor Cam will not allow live view - keeps spinning and will not connect

I have 3 indoor cameras. Two of them work great. One of them in my kitchen, only allows me to connect to it while I am on my home wifi. The one in my kitchen will not allow me to do a live view when I am remote outside the home. It seems some times I can connect to it if I disable my phone wifi when I am connected to other wifi’s than my home. If I disconnect from other wifi, it will allow me to connect to it. I can’t find a setting related to this. I can always see recorded videos later. The other two indoor cameras work just fine and I set them up at the same time in the same way.

I have even reconnected it by going through the full set up routine. When I click live view the circles just turn and turn, then it says I need to reconnect. This camera worked fine initially and it seems after an update, it quit working properly.