Indoor Cam recording schedule

I have just added an Indoor Cam to my network, but want to find a way of automating the hours during which recordings and motion alerts are enabled / disabled. I don’t want the history cluttered up with an endless number of recordings triggered when we are moving around the house, whereas at nightime, I want the system active. I am currently manually disabling recordings and notifications, but often forget to re-enable them each night.

Hey @KingAlfred. While there isn’t a way to set an automatic schedule of when you’d like your Indoor Cam to record and when you’d like recordings to be disabled, we have been rolling out the Modes feature which may be helpful here. With the Modes feature, you have the ability to configure the settings for each mode (Disarmed, Home, and Away) so you can easily toggle between having your Indoor Cam record or not record. You can learn more about the Modes feature here. :slight_smile:

Modes feature is not suitable for this because you have to manually enable it every time. I want to be able to schedule when the camera enables Motion Detection, not just Motion Notifications