Indoor cam not detecting motion even when waving arms and hands right in front of it.

Sorry to post another motion detection topic. I’ve looked through a bunch and didn’t see my issue.

My indoor cam is mounted in the hallway and at first was working flawlessly, detecting and recording every motion. Then my son snuck a girl into his room and got caught and when we checked the events, it hadn’t picked up a thing and so I went on a wild goose chase trying to figure out if a shared account can delete footage (which is something he would do). After researching, it doesn’t seem that’s the case. But the camera on a full battery charge and RSSI -46 sometimes detects it when you walk by and sometimes not. It was working just 30 minutes ago but right now when I stood in front of it whaling my arms and hands, the blue light and 2 red IR dots never came on. I checked the events and nothing was recorded. Live view always works. So this appears to be an intermittent issue and I’m at a loss to resolve it.

Firmware is up to date.

Record Motion button is active. Motion Alerts off.

Motion Detection is on and sensitivity is about 75% on the slider.

Motion Verification has been troubleshot with both on and off.

Nothing in Motion Schedule.

Motion Frequency is Standard.

Video Settings: Live View on, Tap Camera Preview for Live View off, Infrared Lights for Night Vision On, Video recording length 15s.

Privacy Settings: Audio Streaming and recording On. Privacy Zones: None.

Snapshot Capture Off.

Any ideas? Could the cam be defective? I have 3 inside and 2 outside and this is the only one with an issue.

Hi @itsDEE4. Thanks for sharing your settings. After reviewing how you have them configured, it looks like you may need to adjust your Motion Frequency. With your Motion Frequency being set to “Standard”, there will be a dwell time in between recordings. This Community article here describes the best way to configure this setting. I would recommend to put it in Frequent. I hope this helps!

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Yep. That seems to work! Thanks!

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