Indoor cam - no Access to direct

I m french so please excuse my bad english writting.
I bought the ring alarm including the indoor cam.
and installed the Ring always Home (in France) on 2 different smartphones.

  1. my Live view doesn’t work on my Xiaomi 11 Lite (black screen or thick fog)
  2. The Live view of my wife on Xiaomi 9 is working correctly
  3. When I open a navigator on my Xiaomi 11 Lite, connecting on the ring site, identifying and check the liveview, the liveview is working correctly
    Conclusion = The apps Ring doesnt work correctly with new generation, please help to fix it
    Note = my Xiaomi 11 Lite is new so no specific apps installed

Hi @user3673. For Live View Concerns, I’d suggest starting with our Community Post on the topic here. You’ll find some troubleshooting tips and tricks to start with there. In addition, check this Help Center Article here to see if you have any Android apps installed that may conflict with the Ring App. You can also try out the Rapid Ring App to see if you’re able to access the Live View through there.