Indoor cam keeps falling off Wifi

Help y’all! My indoor camera that I’m using as a baby monitor keeps falling off my internet. Before you save my internet it is not. In fact I Just Had It upgraded yesterday and everything works except the camera. Is it because I have the Wi-Fi router downstairs and the camera upstairs? I don’t want to go buy an unnecessary Wi-Fi extender unless it’s needed. Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey @MonicaLynn. Do you have other Ring devices connected to the network? You may need to adjust the ports and protocols on your network if this is the only Ring device connected, as there are specific network settings that need to be aligned to allow the Ring device to stay connected. In the event you have other Ring devices connected, this shouldn’t be the case, but please check it out if you this is your only one!

In the event this does not address the concern, it does seem to be the latter point you brought up, with the wifi access having to go through another floor. We can confirm this with the last reported RSSI from your Indoor Cam, so could you let me know what that is? You can learn more about RSSI in our Community post here.