Indoor cam constantly repeats 'Device to use with Ring' popup

hi all, I have the Indoor Camera, trying to setup. I’ve successfully added a couple of sensors, but the camera is a real pain.
I’m at the step where the app pops up “Device to use with Ring” and it shows the Ring internal network ‘Ring Setup D5’.
I press CONNECT and the camera appears to join the network but then constantly repeats the popup. Ten times and counting now !!
How do I get past this ?

i have the same problem with the Ring Doorbell - what the hell is this ?

Please can someone help - the App always says “Connected” and then relaunches the “Device to use with Ring” popup constantly.
That is 2 devices failing so far and I haven’t started on the outdoor cam.

Anyone seen this ?


The step described is a secure part of the setup and reconnect process in the Ring app. Connecting to the “Ring Setup Network” should be quick and easy, and possible from the wifi settings of your mobile device.

Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device, and that you are remaining nearby the Ring device during this step. If possible, try another mobile device to rule out many variables quickly. :slight_smile: