Inconsistent motion detection from Ring Doorbell 2020 and Ring Solar Pathlights

At first, my Ring Doorbell detected everything just fine. It has always been installed in the same place - right on our door, and we use a secure mount that allows for it to be angled better. Like I said, at first it worked fine each and every time.

But because of the layout of our driveway, walkway and door the recording wouldn’t pick up and the app wouldn’t notify me until they were either pushing the button or walking away. So I purchased the solar pathlights to help with detection and early recording/notifications.

Had a lot of problems with the first pathlight being inconsistent with picking up vehicles in our driveway or people being detected consistently - yet it would trigger at cars on the street, or a plant blowing in the wind.

When I added the second solar pathlight, I placed it nearer to our mailbox and angled it away from the road, while then moving the original pathlight further from the road. I have messed with the settings on both, yet both will still sometimes pick up on cars in the road and miss a person walking right in front of the motion sensor.

So I am getting a ton of recordings where it’s just the whiff noise of a car driving by…but after installing that second solar light, I stopped getting motion detection on the Ring Doorbell. Sure, I would get a recording and motion notification usually from one of the solar pathlights, but the doorbell stopped recognizing a person was there. I’ve even heard someone press the doorbell button, heard it ringing outside, but my phone nor my Echo Show notified me of it.

Yesterday we had food delivered. ONE of the pathlights picked up on the motion but that was it. Person walked right up to the door, stood there taking their picture of the food, pressed the doorbell and still nothing. But when my spouse opened the door… THAT is when Ring Doorbell said “Person detected at your front door!!”.

It worked fine in the beginning!

I have run through the motion settings. I have changed sensitivity. I have changed it to record more frequently. I have run through the entire troubleshooting in the app. I have verified that the devices have enough power. The Doorbell has an RSSI of 47, the pathlights have “good” connection to the Bridge.

Hi @lasia221. We recommend installing your Video Doorbell as directed for continuous optimal performance of its features, such as Motion Detection. This Community article here has additional steps you can look into for optimizing Motion Detection on your Doorbell.

If your Pathlights are not working correctly with Motion Detection, you can try these additional steps:

  • Make sure the “Sensor Direction” arrow is pointing toward the area you want to monitor for motion. The video on this Help Center page will show you where the arrow is located.

  • If you’re installing multiple Pathlights, space them five to seven feet apart for the best motion-sensing performance.

If you have tried these steps for your Ring devices and are still having the same concerns, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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