Inconsistent audible alarms

In my security system, my entranceway camera is a Ring video doorbell pro 2. Its battery is kept charged via my house mechanical doorbell and it has always provided accurate and timely audible alarms and visual text notifications.
Until yesterday.
As usual it was doing its job, including multiple notifications of visits from my neighbour’s cats and dogs. Getting tired of this, I switched the video trigger to people only. But that was taking too long for the alarm to decide, so I switched back to all movement within my zone.
However, instead of simply reverting to its previous normal state , the doorbell audible alarm now was mute. And that situation continued in spite of any setting changes I tried. Visual app notifications however were always present as normal. Changing the mode did not remove the mute condition.
The alarm was still mute this morning, but suddenly about noon without any help from me the alarm corrected itself. But only for about and hour or two. Currently it is again and still mute.
I did try a factory reset via the reset button but that did not help.

So I am completely out of ideas now. If somebody out there knows what might help, please let me know. Ring techs??

Hi @duggo33. It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of the basic troubleshooting steps I would have recommended. Since the Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum rather than a direct line to support, I’d suggest contacting our support team for more assistance with this concern. They can pull up your account and offer more in-depth troubleshooting support.

You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile: