In-home doorbell not ringing on first attempt (they have to press it twice)

I had a video doorbell 3 that would ring my in-home digital doorbell when testing, but required the someone to press the ring video doorbell two times before the in-home digital doorbell would go off.

I’ve since upgraded to the Video Doorbell Pro and I have the same issue.

Question - I am I missing a setting? Why doesn’t the in-home doorbell ring the first time it’s depressed? I’m getting the ring app notification someone is at my door, but no sound notification.

What if you carry your app (on cellphone or tablet) out to your doorbell and ring the bell ? Does the phone receive a notification on the first ring? I have found that the first ring does not always notify, but the second and onwards do.

Yes, the app notifies me on the first ring. Trying to figure out how to get it to ring my in-home chime as well.

I have the same issue. I have tried to call Ring but no luck. I have played with the transformer, the digital chime, and the apps settings - all to no avail. Thanks at least for confirming I am not crazy.

Ok. I figured out a solution that works. Ring will tell you that your door bell is faulty but the truth is the Ring 3 plus needs a diode to make it work correctly (at least mine did). I bought it on Amazon for $2.71 and it is working perfectly. To make it work have the striped side of the diode. Ring has several videos on how to install a diode. I have attached one below after the amazon link to the diode.