In app notifications option gone on latest update

The latest ring app has broken the vital setting of in app notifications. I used to use this on my ipad when a motion is detected a full screen video used to pop up with the setting gone the ring app shows no notifications just makes audible noise. This is really frustrating as this is one of the reasons for me investing in ring cameras and the eco system.

Ring you need to fix this issue immediately as some of us have heavily invested in your products and are now not getting the service that you heavily market

Hi there, @Sunny4l! We are always working to add to and improve on our Ring app features and Ring devices. While the setting you are looking for is not available, we have since introduced Rich Text Notifications, which will provide a snapshot preview of the event within the notification. Feel free to also check out the Rapid Ring app, designed for quicker access to live view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that is not the solution. It’s no way near a solution. The rich notification are great for mobile device but absolutely useless for a dedicated device. With in app notification you could use a dedicated tablet to view. How do you expect this to work with someone who is not tech savvy or someone who is old. Do you expect us to sit and train an elderly person how to use technology that they have never used. It is to some degree discriminating elderly population. Ring is advertised as a security solution for all however you broke that with your latest update so please reconsider bringing back the option for in app notification will help a wide range of individuals including me.

Agree this has completely made the iPad I have mounted on the wall as a
Dedicated screen completely useless and makes ring unable to do a basic feature that’s been around since the 80s and. Available on $20 eBay doorbells systems.

Come on ring it shouldn’t be this difficult