Impossibly poor connection

Since getting my doorbell 2 it’s always shown a weak/poor connection. I moved the router, increased my internet speeds, and finally upgraded to a mesh system that has two nodes no more than 12’ away. Every other device has full power at the doorbell location which leads me to believe there’s an issue with the doorbell2 wifi transmitter.
I’m trying to keep my house safe and it looking to go with other cameras or devices, this doesn’t leave me confident to go with Ring. As there’s no way to hardwire a connection to the doorbell what can be done?

Hey @Fkring2! Having a far reaching network is a great way to improve your connection. Your mesh network should certainly be doing the trick.

Please ensure there are no major appliances or too many walls between the nodes and your Ring device. Limiting interference will always help with video connection, as is dedicating resources. If possible, try ensuring that mesh access point only has a couple of other devices on it to see if this improves signal readings.

I recommend also checking out our Community post about RSSI for more tips on optimizing wifi signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: