I'm missing this part. Is it necessary?

Dear community,

My wife ordered the Spotlight Camera and the Solar Panel. As I was reading through the instructions and manuals I noticed that I was missing a part (see photo attached - I don’t know how this part is called).

Now, the “power” cable will insert just fine in the Spotlight Camera and it’s charging perfectly already.
But I just can’t help wondering if I really need this part to make the power input/socket of the Spotlight Camera “waterproof”?

Does anyone know? Do you have/use this part?

Thanks for any feedback, I really appreciate it!



Newer versions of the solar pannel don’t have that part, just the plug.

I opened my solar panels a few days ago and tought something was missing too.



Thanks for the quick answer. Today is very rainy here. So hopefully it can withstand the moist and rain.

Again thanks for replying. I really appreciate it! ??

Note: hopefully, Ring has updated their instructions that comes within the box.

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