Ifttt contact sensor alerts

the ring alarm is very good as are all ring products; however, they really lack ifttt integration. the ring products would set themselves apart if they added ifttt services to:

  • allow triggering to occur after a contact sensor is opened. this would enable other smart things to happen when an sensor is opened.
  • enable ability to arm and disarm (although arming can be accomplished through alexa)

anyone else feel a need for these features?

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I would love to see this too.

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Same here. Would be brilliant if they added this, but don’t hold your breath.

So you can’t do it with IFTTT outside of motion sensors. You can do it within Alexa routines. I have used the contact sensors in closet doors to trigger lights turning on/off and even on the refrigerator to make sure the doors are closed all the way. The alexa routine building is pretty straight forward, but it lacks timing…for instance: turn on a closet light for 5 minutes if the contact sensor is activated etc.

This would be super useful!

The lack of IFTTT is pretty poor actually. I just want to set a simple routine that says when I set my alarm to away (ie , no one is home) everything turns off.