If I create a new account, will it erase previously stored videos on ring?

My landlord setup the ring doorbell and has her own account that we have been using, however she does not have a subcription. If I were to setup my own account and link the doorbell, will I have access to previously cached videos? Or will all of that get deleted? I wish there was a way to transfer owership between accounts instead of just User and Guest. Almost like adding someone as an admin.

Hi @Cheomeli. There can only be one owner for a Ring account and device at a time, and you will need the current owner of the Ring Doorbell to remove the device from their Ring account to allow you to set it up as the new owner. Once you have the device set up as the new owner, you can subscribe to a plan that way. Whenever there is not a plan on a device, there is no video storage for previous or new videos. Whenever there is a lapse in coverage with a plan, any previously stored videos are erased and inaccessible. Whenever a device is removed from an account, even if it’s set up on the same account, all videos are removed and inaccessible. Therefore, any previous videos you have through this other owner will need to be saved before setting it up yourself. However, since it sounds like there was no plan, there shouldn’t be any videos you need to save, as there should be no video storage in the history as there is no plan. Hope this helps clear this up! :slight_smile: