Identify Ring Alarm Device(s), and the Right Accessories for you

Here’s a complete buyer’s guide for understanding and adding to your Ring Alarm system.

Your Ring Alarm devices can be found in the Ring app:

  • From the Ring app Dashboard, open the Main Menu (three lines top left)
  • Tap Devices
  • Select your Ring Alarm system
  • The Alarm Devices menu will show Base Station, Keypads, Sensors, and more depending on the Alarm devices you have setup.

The list below covers every Ring Alarm Device and Accessories available at

Click on the arrows > to expand each section for details!

Base Stations

Ring Alarm Base Station - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Pro Base Station - Information | Purchase

Base Station Accessories: Range Extender | Ring Power Pack* | Eero 6 Extender* | Ring Edge-MicroSD Card*
*Alarm Pro only

Keypads & Buttons

Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Generation) - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Keypad (1st Generation) - Information | Replace with Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Generation)
Ring Alarm Panic Button - Information | Purchase

Sensors (Contact, Glass Break, Motion, etc.)

Ring Alarm Window and Door Contact Sensor - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Motion Detector - Information | Purchase
Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor - Information | Purchase

Contact Sensor Accessories: Open Window Magnet | Slim Magnet

Smoke / CO

Ring Alarm Smoke and Co Listener - Information | Purchase
First Alert Z-Wave Plus Smoke/CO Alarm - Information | Purchase


Dome Siren (Works With Ring Alarm) - Information | Purchase

Works With Ring - Information | Purchase WWR Devices

Alexa Alarm Guard and Guard Plus - Information | Echo devices

More - Alarm Accessories | Protect Plans | Professional Monitoring

Here’s a complete buyers guide for the Ring Alarm system and accessories.