I would like to get competent help with the Chime Pro

I wasted a lot of time with Ring support trying to set up my Chime Pro. It kept saying it was connected but the signal was too weak. I moved the Chime Pro to within a foot of the router. Same problem. I moved it to six inches away. Signal still too weak. That’s ridiculous.

What I really want is for my mechanical door bell chime to work. If it did, I wouldn’t bother with a Chime Pro. I have a Ring 4 doorbell. It was difficult to set up. The first person couldn’t help, only waste my time. The person I was transferred to knew what to do.

Neighbors are likely interfering with 5GHz Wifi signal, probably unintentionally though. I can only suggest to buy a range extender or move the whole getup to a different room in whatever location seems most isolated from your neighbors signals.

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If you have never connected to your WiFi router using the configuration page in a web browser at your house to configure your WiFi router do that. If asked for configuration data, give the defaults supplied by the WiFi router manufactured for WiFi band name and password (usually a random string printed on the bottom or back of the WiFi router).

I just remedied a similar error message in my ROKU MDL WiFi connection doing that. It also fixed my 2.4GHz Chime being unable to be configured.


The Ring Community Backend is flagging my post as SPAM although it’s likely to have a good chance of being the solution you need.

It also flagged my “Solution” that I used to fix my Chime WiFi connection and test that it works as SPAM.

It claims the community did the flagging but it was in fact the Ring Community software that did that. It doesn’t not even give me a means to report the false flagging to forum moderators.

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I have MAC address filtering on my network even though I know MAC addresses can be spoofed. I like MAC address filtering. When I read “router” in your post, I realized I hadn’t added the MAC address for the Chime Pro, only the Ring 4. The setup process starts on the Ring wireless network then switches to the real network. At that point MAC filtering was blocking it.

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