I wonder if the Ring doorbell goes into hibernation ??

Every morning around 6AM or so we go for a neighbood walk. Earlier I had done a live view on the ring device and there was no motion detected overnight. So - we walked through the front gate for our walk. Now we have returned (maybe 20 minutes) and the event history shows our returning, but not our leaving. The other interesting thing is the video is in black and white (night vision). That should probably never happen because within 10 feet of our doorbell is a brillant LED street light which can probably be seen far away.

Just went out again, it is dawn (nearby volcano throwing off some smoke). Walked out the gate, waited a minute, walked back in the gate. Both events are recorded (in color).

My sensitivity is set to max. My frequency is set to frequently. Advanced motion is on. People only is set to no. No motion schedules.

Maybe the ring device needs a ‘prod’ to wake up ? Perhaps it throws away the wake up call ? Maybe the night vision event is a clue ?

Edit : I wonder if Ring pushed a firmware update to our device overnight ?? I sure wish they went back to showing the firmware level on the device health page…

Hi @charlies. The Ring Doorbell does not have a hibernation function. The Doorbell is always ready to record and capture motion, provided there is a sufficient battery charge and wifi signal. A poor wifi signal can result in intermittent motion detection. The Doorbell also has a light sensor that detects the amount of ambient light and uses that information to determine if the nightvision needs to be turned on, or not. It is not abnormal for the nightvision to be on in low lighting conditions. I would recommend rebooting your internet router and monitoring the Doorbells performance in the following days.

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