I’ve Lost The Snapshot Feature On My Peephole Video Door Bell

Good morning,

As a relatively new Ring customer, I’d have to say, that on the whole, I’m fairly happy with my purchase however, a week or so ago, I lost the ability to use the snapshot feature which is built into the Ring App.

I have paid a years subscription up front, and have tried everything, bar deleting the whole thing, resetting it and starting again.

The snapshot feature was something that I found very useful because I live alone and I’m battling leukaemia so, I set the feature to take a snap every hour and then in the morning, I could view it and see if any of the local wildlife such as badgers, hedgehogs and foxes were visiting my garden. I’m not sure if it’s something I have done, or if it’s the door bell that has become faulty.

I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thank you, and I look forward in anticipation to finding out what’s gone so wrong.



Hello @UlsterSam. To access the Snapshot Capture feature, follow the steps listed in this Help Center article. Once this is activated, you will be able to view these Snapshots on you Event History Timeline. I hope this helps!

It was working fine, and it’s already activated, so this DOESN’T work