I thought I'd love Ring, but

I’ve had Ring Video Doorbell for about six weeks now and out of all my devices, it’s the one I dislike the most. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. That said, it simply is not quickly reactive. I was responsible for two others buying Ring, but at the moment I am embarrassed for doing so.

  1. I receive a message that tells me there’s a motion at my door, and I try to see what the motion is, and it tells me it’s processing. This may take 30 seconds or may NEVER show the video! That’s unacceptable. I have a $25 WYZE camera - and it’ll show me just-captured motion immediately!!! But, not the 100x more expensive Ring!
  2. Sometimes, trying to see a live view takes 20-30 seconds to appear. (There’s good security, huh?) Just tried it again before writing this and it said “Activating Device” for almost 30 seconds, never connected to live view, and then said “Live View Ended.” Certainly not what I paid for.
  3. Why do I occasionally receive a streaming error?
  4. During a live view, I try to listen to the sound, and it’s offonoffonoffonoffon a tenth of a second apart. (Maddening!) Is it defective?
  5. Re passing vehicle notifications, I have lowered the doorbell itself, installed the angle piece, lowered the detection zone (again) so IT DOESN’T PICK UP THE CONSTANT TRAFFIC IN MY STREET. I can go a few days where it works like a charm. Only an occasional notice of a vehicle passing through. Then out of nowhere, I’ll receive five notifications in the next half hour. What in hell is that??
  6. I will receive notices that motion is at my door, as per usual. Then, I’ll walk in front of it and NOTHING!!! No notification or ringing chimes. I might even walk back and forth in front of it and NOTHING.
  7. Love the Ring concept, but hate Ring right now. Any advice or helpful comments to understand how I can be so frustrated by something that costs so much money.

Thank you.

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It’s not just the doorbell. I’ve invested a lot of cash into the wired cams, thinking I’d get away from “wifi”, NOT. All of their devices utilize wifi as a means of communicating and I think that is deceptive advertising. AND, now they are introducing new product that is replaces a current device that works for $200.00 - I’m about done with these guys.

Sorry to hear about this experience @basilc. As most of our Video Doorbell models are wifi enabled, the best first thing to check is wifi signal and your device’s RSSI. Some of your concerns could be related to wifi signal interference due to distance from the router, brick exterior walls, or even large appliances blocking signal. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on how to optimize wifi signal for your Ring devices.

When it comes to motion, there are various settings that can be tried and other options depending on environment. If vehicles are causing too much motion, I recommend looking into our wedge kits available at, Ring.com/accessories. Combining motion zone, sensitivity, and frequency settings with a different mounting angle might help you obtain the functionality you are looking for. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Marley_Ring for your reply to my post re Ring frustrations. (Funny how my sister, whom I recommended to purchase, is having nearly identical issues from a different location.)

I read your response re RSSI and my percentage is -45, which, per your rating, isn’t too bad. Please keep in mind that:

  1. I have other devices in and around my hone that require wifi, and they run well.

  2. I DO have a Chime (extender) device stationed inside, approximately one foot from the Ring video device.

  3. I do have a wedge device installed.

I ciould cope with some of the issues such as constant notifications that vehicles are passing by … after NOT receiving notifications for identical traffic. But my biggest complaint is how long it takes to receive a video of an event. I’m notified of motion at my front door … I try to view the video and IT’S PROCESSING! For hell’s sake, I have a $25 WYZE security camera THAT PROCESSES AN EVENT VIDEO IN SECONDS, but my few hundred dollar Ring camera can’t??? (Same wifi, by the way.)

My issue with Ring is how slow it’s video processing is. None of my other security devices are as laggard. I really need someone to explain this disparity in your product. Hey, otherwise, I love Ring!

Thank you.

I’m glad someone has put together an overview of the issues! I’m facing the majority of these too. When reaching out to support they blame WiFi or RSSi, both of which there are no issues with.

Like you, I have a cheap camera, YI in my case, which has no lag, instant notifications and instance access to the device.

I’m going to see if the retailer I purchased my door view cam from would accept a return on the basis the device is not fit for the stated purpose, or attempt a refund via the credit card company.

I don’t expect the level of performance from a free app, let alone one I have essentially paid a fair sum of money for.

Ring, it would be useful to acknowledge these issues, as opposed of blaming WiFi, or at least genuinely investigating. If they are known issues then be transparent and provide a rough idea of a roadmap for the fixes.

Sorry you (and so many others are having the same issues). It must be RING then. Also, I answered the moderator’s post comments with a few rebuttals, but no response from him/her. I want to love Ring but there’s so much to dislike. Oh, and can I please turn off my night vision??? There’s so many complaints about that that RING will probably fix it in the next version, but that doesn’t help the ones that need it but don’t have it.

Quite frankly, my Ring device has become useless. For example, someone I did not know came by this morning and rang the doorbell. I pulled up the Ring app which wanted me to log in with my email address, my password, and then they sent me a “verification code” to my email - which meant that I had to jump out of the Ring app, find the verification code, return to the Ring app and not only provide the verification code but also re-enter the password.

By that time, well over one minute had elapsed, the stranger is long gone, and I still have not gotten the live camera to show!!!

This is totally unacceptable. Grrrr!!!

I’ve had to diagnose problems myself, as level 1 support was useless. Your camera can be offline with the battery out, and it will still look like it’s online. How is this for a false sense of security? The one thing I got the camera for in the first place!? Your camera will register as online for hours after it is not online. This is a serious flaw with this product.

I absolutely hate these cameras. I am having all the same issues these people have stated. So annoying now backyard is recording black and says streaming error. My front door is always low on battery. The sensitivity is turned down but still get so many notifications. I just hate it so much.

I hate my Ring too!! I am having all these same problems!! These things are junk!! I called tonight because I’m so tired of getting notifications that someone is at my door I click on it and all it does is says is loading and never connects!! The guy helping me tonight says it’s my Wi-Fi, I said it does the same thing when I’m on my cell phone data !! He says maybe your near buildings? Wtf? I also have a cheap YI camera in my house and it connects every time! I would never ever ever recommend Ring to anyone! Waste if $$!!