I think we need more *_ring personnel.

If Amazon is commited to these ring products they need to provide better support. I don’t know if the support for these ring products is in the US or the Phillipines but if this forum pretends to be a support vehicle - it is not acceptable that there would appear to be one daily appointed representative who come in at roughly 12 or 1 pm US eastern and begins answering posts made days ago…

Totally unacceptable.

Otherwise - just put a permanent post at the top that says 'THIS FORUM IS NOT A VIABLE MEANS FOR SUPPORT FOR OUR PRODUCTS".

Just now tried calling the support phone number. “your estimated wait time is greater than 45 minutes.”.

Anyone familiar with these Arlo devices ?

This is what it states about the forum.
"Ring Community

Have questions or a feature request? Visit Ring’s first neighbor-to-neighbor community forum."
It doesn’t state support forum.
Call customer service if you require other help.
The reason the agents don’t post before noon is because they’re based in the Pacific time zone.
They also respond to almost everyone by the end of the day as well.
Your wait is due to the fact of Covid staffing. Also, the holidays are here so more people are looking for advice or help. As for Arlo. Give it a try and see if they’re any different. You’re free to use whatever companies you want.