I give up!

I’ve tried for an hour to connect my 2nd gen Ring to my existing doorbell wiring. Low-voltage, very simple. It won’t work. Nothing I try works. Reading the online help, external videos, etc., never addresses what to do if the doorbell won’t connect to your existing wiring. Old doorbell works fine. Giving up and sending this back. Not interested in hiring an electrician for $100 to figure it out and double the cost of this. Will find a competing solution. Buh-bye!

Hi @dlewis_huntington.org. Did you charge the Doorbell before installing it? Even with it being hardwired, it will need to have an initial charge. What is the voltage rating for your doorbell transformer? This information is usually stamped on the transformer. Also, what gauge wires are you using. If they are too thin/thick, you can also run into issues.

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The supply needs to be around 16-18v alternating current. Some existing doorbells use direct current, which won’t work with your ring doorbell.